Etourdissant Cartier High Jewellery Necklace in platinum, chalcedonies, amethysts, diamonds.

Vivid colours, bold linearity, dynamic geometry, these Art Deco distinctives were borne of the early twentieth-century’s fascination for visionary design in objects and environments that encapsulated life in a fast-paced industrialised world.  It was a short-lived yet far-reaching stylistic intermezzo between two world wars that transpired across everything from luxury to machinery, and jewellery in particular was at its zenith. It was an all-changing moment in time when jewellery began to shed its courtly posture and departed from the ceremonial pomp and circumstance, leaning closer towards fashion, art and design. The Art Deco style of twenties and the thirties fundamentally repositioned jewellery as fashion accessories rather than badges of wealth.

Today, in parallel with the rise of easy-to-wear jewellery, Art Deco is experiencing a renaissance of its own with the emergence of the most vibrant and stunning designs in a dizzying succession. Yet what remains most striking about Art Deco-inflected jewellery, it’s that, unlike any other decade, it doesn’t have an antiquated overtone, pieces will always look as modern and as timeless as ever.