It’s surely a delicate exercise. The celebration of an icon is typically a time when watch houses raid the archives, ruminate upon its evolution, and then portends its future with a faithful representation of its past. Consequently, it makes perfect sense that the 85th anniversary of the Reverso birthed several heritage and commemorative models like the Classic and Tribute.  But we’re glad we live in a time when watchmakers like Jaeger-LeCoultre would elect the 85th anniversary of its biggest success story as the year to turn up its offering for women.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso One Réédition_background

The Reverso One Réédition

Significantly, the watchmaker has introduced a Reverso One Collection, a sumptuous and expressly modern line of Reversos equipped with quartz and mechanical movements catered to its burgeoning female clientele.  The Reverso One Réédition, which JLC has pegged as being as trusty and versatile as a LBD, strikes as a timeless classic and inherits its understated black dial from the original 1930s model. It is powered by a quartz movement. Its case measures 32.5 by 16.3mm and permits room for custom engraving on its rear.


Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso One Cordonnet_background

The Reverso One Cordonnet

The second model, the Reverso One Cordonnet decidedly departs from the austerity of the Reverso to become a casual, easy breezy timepiece that takes its cue from the dainty leather cord strap of a 1936 model.  It features a stunning two-toned case combining pink gold and steel, with blued Dauphine-type hour and minute hands that contrast beautifully against the white sunburst guilloché dial base. It measures 33.8mm x 16.3mm and is powered by a quartz movement.

Reverso One Duetto Moon (Front)

Reverso One Duetto Moon (Front)

Reverso One Duetto Moon (Back)

Reverso One Duetto Moon (Back)

And then there’s the Reverso One Duetto Moon powered by the hand-wound Jaeger-LeCoultre Calibre 842 for the woman who hankers for sophistication both inside and out. In iconic Duetto fashion, it is double-sided, featuring a silvered dial with Arabic numerals on the front and an understated yet striking mother-of-pearl moonphase display premised on a choice of midnight blue of chestnut dial on the back. It is optioned in an alligator strap version or with a steel or gold bracelet.



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The Atelier Reverso

This year, aficionados of the Reverso will enjoy a greater sense of exclusivity as the brand takes personalisation beyond engraving and beyond its single-sided Reversos. It now offers customisation of its Duo and Duetto models which includes the option of gem-setting and selecting from a variety of stone dials and leather straps.  But the cherry on top comes from the collaboration with a scarlet-soled shoemaker otherwise known Christian Louboutin in which he will author a set of custom proposals for 2016.